Commercial Bull 

​All Schaff Angus Valley genetics in a 75lb birth weight bull!

The most efficient bull in this calf crop! Recommended for producers who fee their calves. Feed Efficiency Ratio 118

Beautiful heifer bull, easy fleshing with great carcass traits! 

REA Ratio 107, IMF Ratio 130

Great performance on feed. ADG Ratio 133

Recommended for heifers. Outstanding feed performance!

ADG Ratio 126, IMF Ratio 117, REA Ratio 113

Beautiful Heifer Bull!  

Feedlot and Carcass Bull! 

IMF Ratio 106, WDA Ratio 112, Feed Efficiency Ratio 105

Heifer bull with solid feed performance.

WDA Ratio 108, IMF Ratio 122

Biggest bull offered an easy fleshing champ! 

This bull is one of the best daughter makers in the offering. A solid growth bull!

Recommended for feedlot customers. ADG Ratio 120. Low birthweight, good for use on heifers. 

Out of proven sire SAV Harvestor. Excellent growth bull. 

ADG Ratio 111, WDA Ratio 110, REA Ratio 116

Heifer bull with an ADG Ratio of 119!

Lowest birth weight bull, with great marbling! IMF Ratio 150!

​Lots of hybrid vigor in this 50/50 growth bull. ADG Ratio 106

Cow-maker! Good on heifers with solid performance on grass. 

Birthweight 72lbs Adj. WW 550lbs Adj. YW: 909lbs

Sire: SAV Real Rito 5250 AAA: 18258132

Dam: Mostly Angus Commercial Cow

​A low birth weight bull with impressive growth. WDA 106

Good looking efficient growth and carcass bull, not recommended for heifers. IMF Ratio 108, Efficiency Ratio 110

Low birthweight Angus with a strong feedlot and carcass performance. ADG Ratio 118, IMF Ratio 110

Second biggest bull, easy fleshing and growth. Great Efficiency bull! ADG Ratio 105, WDA Ratio 118, REA 126

Out of our best Salers cow making dam. We are collecting him for use on registered lots, retaining semen interest. 

ADG Ratio 142, WDA Ratio 106, REA Ratio 113

Heifer bull with growth efficiency and marbling. 

WDA Ratio 115, IMF Ratio 110, Efficiency 105

Commercial Bull 

Birthweight 80lbs Adj. WW 670lbs Adj. YW: 985lbs

Sire: SAV Real Rito 5250 AAA: 18258132

Dam: Mostly Angus Commercial Cow