Our current plan is to offer 3 truck loads of Optimized Angus commercial feeder steers on Superior Livestock Auction's Corn Belt Classic Sale. The Auction will take place June 12-13, 2019 for delivery in Mid-July. 

68 Fall Bred Heifers Available in July!

$20.00 a Straw

$20.00 a Straw

We are offering 68 fall bred heifers that have been confirmed bred through ultrasound by Reproduction Enterprises Inc.  There are 45 due to calve mid-August to mid-September, 10 due to calve mid-September to mid-October, and 13 due to calf mid-October to early December. 

Stocker Steers

​​These bulls were fed a corn ration for 84 days last summer at Green Springs Bull Test for a limited gain and efficiency test and to collect carcass data. Since then, they have wintered only on dormant native grass with 8lbs of 14% cottonseed cake supplement. They are ready to grow and work on your summer grass. All have passed a breeding soundness and fertility test and are guaranteed  breeders with some of the best genetics available. 

​For more information please contact us!

Lance Campbell 208-392-8844
​Joe Bush 918-629-2554


THR Chunk 675

ASA: 714756

Tower Hills Legacy 718

ASA: 721968

Low birth weight, high growth and easy fleshing. 

24 Virgin Bulls Available Now!

We plan to offer one truck load (52,000lbs) of open replacement quality heifers for delivery in the first 2 weeks of July. These are all home grown, bangs vaccinated, never implanted yearling heifers that were weaned last fall. 

Imparts extraordinary width and depth in an easy fleshing package. 

Commercial Replacement  Heifers

​​Registered Bulls

Commercial Bred Heifers