We are offering 68 fall bred heifers that have been confirmed bred through ultrasound by Reproduction Enterprises Inc.  There are 45 due to calve mid-August to mid-September, 10 due to calve mid-September to mid-October, and 13 due to calf mid-October to early December. 

40 Fancy Bred Heifers now available!

$20.00 a Straw

Low birth weight, high growth and easy fleshing. 

Spring Bred Heifers Available in September!


THR Chunk 675

ASA: 714756

​Commercial Bred Heifers

​For more information please contact us!

Lance Campbell 208-392-8844
​Joe Bush 918-629-2554


$20.00 a Straw

Imparts extraordinary width and depth in an easy fleshing package. 

​​Registered Bulls

8 Virgin Bulls Available Now!

​​These bulls were fed a corn ration for 84 days last summer at Green Springs Bull Test for a limited gain and efficiency test and to collect carcass data. Since then, they have wintered only on dormant native grass with 8lbs of 14% cottonseed cake supplement. They are ready to grow and work on your summer grass. All have passed a breeding soundness and fertility test and are guaranteed  breeders with some of the best genetics available. 

Tower Hills Legacy 718

ASA: 721968