Bred for Success

How Do We Operate?

Our cattle are bred to succeed in every phase of development- they are heavy at weaning, gain well post weaning on grass and grain, and grade well in the packing house. We only use top of the breed Registered Angus Sires to artificially inseminate our females.

Performance - Cattle are bought and sold by the pound, heavy cattle that gain quickly add to the bottom line. All of our sires are performance standouts.

Fertility - Females in production need to breed back quickly after calving in order to keep returns high. Open cows are culled after only one open cycle reinforcing high fertility genetics within the herd.

Feet - Animals that move well as they age maintain better physical condition. We pay close attention to the soundness of animal feet and will not use sires with known foot problems.

Longevity - A cow only makes money when she delivers calves, great cows deliver heavy calves year after year. Tower Hills Ranch cows commonly produce more than 8 calves throughout their breeding life with weaning weights of 700lbs or more on every calf.

Carcass - Cattle that marble well create more earning opportunities. For the past 10 years Tower Hills Ranch cattle fed corn 90-120 days have graded 90%+ choice. 

Hardiness - Breeding females need to maintain good body condition with minimal feeding requirements. Tower Hills Ranch culls females that are unable to maintain high body condition scores throughout the winter. Females with better body scores also have the added bonus of better fertility.

Our cow herd is maintained with the following principles : 

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