Bred for Success

Paul Bush, Kelly Schaff, Courtney Schaff, Joe Bush

Tower Hills Ranch

Paul, Taylor and Scarlett Bush


I am Paul Bush, the current generational leader of Tower Hills Ranch. The ranch has been in the family since Oklahoma has been a state and I am the fifth generation to continue the ranching legacy. We are blessed to have a piece of the most sustainable grasslands in the world. As a family, we are proud to continue our ranching heritage but our real pride comes from the animals we produce. 

We are cattle people - more specifically, we are Angus and Optimizer cattle people. My father, Joe Bush, founded the Tower Hills' Angus herd in 1990.  Some of my favorite childhood memories include road trips with my father to Angus bull auctions.  

We are passionate about our cattle. We are constantly selecting for better genetics to improve our herd. For more than 25 years, we have selected for growth and carcass because we believe the two most important traits for economic success are calves that will grow quickly and grade well. 

We started raising our own bulls because we needed them to work when turned out on pastures larger than a square mile. Too many times, we would purchase beautifully fattened bulls that won feed tests only to have them look like a skinny steer after their first breeding season. We knew there was a better way to raise bulls, so we started producing our own registered Angus and Optimizer bulls to use on our commercial herd of more than 1000 mature cows. 

Our cows are the real MVP's of the ranch!